Grass Valley Farms

About Us

The Martin’s who are they? Well until as recently as last week I would have said we are a family that is trying to find our identity, A dad, mom, son, daughter, local small business owner, nurse, student, but from the mouth of our six year old daughter while sitting at the dinner table with an unwavering knowledge She proclaimed we are FARMERS!


Natural Meats

Welcome to Montana Natural Meat.

Montana Natural BisonWith the global concerns about the safety of our food products, you can rest assured that all of your Montana Natural Meat is “source verified”. This means that we can trace the origin of our meat directly to the rancher that produced it. At Montana Natural Meats, we don’t just buy beef, pork, lamb and buffalo.

We seek out genetically superior, naturally healthy products that will feed efficiently and finish with a high select or choice carcass that is easy to guarantee for tenderness and flavor It also means that we guarantee that all of our meat is free of any antibiotics or artificial hormones normally fed or injected to promote growth maintaining a healthy, steady growth. This assures you the finest, most tender, most flavorful cuts of meat for your family, friends or customers.

If you have any questions or comments about our fine Montana Natural products please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rockin Z Labradors

Rocking Z LabradorsRockin Z Labradors was started in 2002 when I needed a duck hunting partner. If I would have know then what I know now. I would have bought a boat and a winter vacation house Instead. They had these things called hunt test, and we all want to own a champion dog right? here we are decades later, still with the same lines of dogs no longer chasing the orange ribbons that can be picked up weekly almost it seems by an average dog,  oh no we had to switch it up and chase the ever elusive Field Trial blue! What a ride that’s been. I can say this our pups and the quality of our dogs has gotten better generation after generation because of it.

So what does this even mean for someone looking into getting a puppy from our kennel, a better companion.